Brabus Authentication Checker

 Authentication Checker

If you are contemplating or have already purchased your BRABUS vehicle, why not get in touch to see if your BRABUS is authentic? We offer an in-house genuine parts verification service for all BRABUS models to avoid being caught out.

Unfortunately, there are some non-genuine BRABUS models with most of them being based on the G63. This is a worldwide issue and some of these are being sold here in the UK. These vehicles have been fitted with inferior parts made of low quality materials and with serious fitment issues, causing major problems down the line. We have come across serious safety issues in regards to these non-genuine builds. This can cause vehicle Insurance to be invalid should a situation arise. It will also affect the re-sale value of the vehicle, leading to losses and devaluing the original vehicle price due to non-genuine parts being fitted. Here are some examples for the untrained eye.


The BRABUS development team spend vast amounts of time and resources in order to design these luxury vehicles to the highest quality possible. Considerable investment has been put into the technology and aerodynamics, using the highest quality materials, and most of all, for the safety of the purchaser.

  • BRABUS signature design illuminated Widestar vent and grille branding. 
  • Fake stickers used with chrome finish to mimic the original design.

Quality and inferior carbon fibre. 

To the untrained eye, this can be a huge financial loss if not detected prior to purchase, we have been contacted by many individuals in the UK that have been unknowingly misled.  Some reputable dealerships have sold non-genuine BRABUS vehicles without having any idea, as well other dealers that are selling or converting such vehicles knowingly. Certain companies in the UK even fraudulently claim to be associated with BRABUS - setting up websites showing them being a BRABUS dealer. Hence why we are assisting any potential purchases to avoid such issues with the help of our fully qualified BRABUS technicians to guide you. If you would like to know which dealers are genuine, please feel free to get in touch. 

  • Crystal-clear carbon fibre weave which is hand placed to perfection producing a mirror-like finish and detail.
  • Extremely poor-quality carbon fibre with noticeable imperfections and lack of attention to detail.

We can assist with all BRABUS authentication and can carry out a full report on either a vehicle you have purchased in the past and even one that you are looking to purchase. This will help determine what is the best option so you can walk away from a sale if non-genuine or even hand back your non-genuine vehicle to the selling dealership. We have a team on hand to assist in such cases if required. We also welcome any dealerships that would like any advice on non-genuine BRABUS models, so that they also do not get caught out unknowingly with such issues.

  • BRABUS high-quality forged alloy wheels with extensive attention to detail and design with safety in mind. High performance tested in order to handle the vehicle power as well as TÜV approved.

  • Replicated wheels with little to no details which can be found on the face of the wheels leaving them with a flat finish. These wheels would not pass BRABUS testing neither would they certify for TÜV approval - compromising serious safety issues and limit product life.

  • Bespoke designed carbon fibre lightweight, forged for strength and extensively tested to handle the vehicle weight for uncompromised ride quality. Only the BRABUS headquarters have the ability to use this design.

  • These limited-edition wheels are only available for the BRABUS Rocket Programme which are made from heavier and weaker cast therefore compromising on safety and ride quality. This is the most poorly replicated wheel fitted to non-genuine vehicles.

We Look Forward Helping You On Your Brabus Journey….

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