28th-31st August 2024

This will be the second event held with BRABUS and Salon Privé, but this time over a 4-day period at the even more prestigious Blenheim event. 

After the first-ever BRABUS -Topcars London event we will again be showcasing new and existing BRABUS models, for the Salon Privé Week 2024. This will take place from Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st August occupying the South Lawn at Blenheim Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill, Salon Privé is the ultimate end-of-summer party. Each day shares the same electric atmosphere and sense of occasion, with nuanced variations that differentiate one from the next. Whether you’re looking to get up close to the action of the Concours 2024 or to be surrounded by glamour, diamonds and Champagne, Salon Privé has something for all.

Why not come and visit us to see what iconic models will be on display to get a real feel of what BRABUS can offer for clients looking for pure design and exclusivity?

If you are contemplating or have already purchased your BRABUS vehicle, why not get in touch to see if your BRABUS is authentic? 

We offer an in-house genuine parts verification service for all BRABUS models to avoid being caught out.

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